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Submerged Motherlands, an Immersive Installation by @swoonhq

To see more photos from Swoon’s Submerged Motherlands installation, in addition to photos and videos from Ai Weiwei’s “According to What?" exhibit, explore the Brooklyn Museum location page.

The Brooklyn Museum (@brooklynmuseum) is home to a new immersive, site-specific installation by Swoon (@swoonhq), a New York artist renowned for her large and intricate linoleum and woodcut prints.

The work, entitled Submerged Motherlands, transforms the museum’s fifth floor rotunda. A large tree anchors the exhibition and makes use of the space’s high ceilings and natural light while delicately sculpted scenes of people and wildlife unfold at its base.

Submerged Motherlands will remain on display at the Brooklyn Museum through August 24.

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